Building capacities to continue HMN’s work is our highest priority.


The Hummingbird Monitoring Network would not exist without the dedicated help of volunteers, scientists, and citizens like you. If you would like to collaborate on a project or volunteer your specific skills, please contact us and let us know how you would like to help. If you would like to help with the monitoring program, please read the section below.

During a monitoring session, we have trapping, recording, and feeding assistance. At some sites we also need help maintaining the feeder patches and educating visitors. To sign-up to be a volunteer, please use our interactive HMN Monitoring Sites map by clicking on the site where you'd like to volunteer and completing a volunteer application through the "More Info" link. You should have an interesting time and learn a bit more about hummingbirds, but please be aware that

1. This is a scientific research program and certain protocols must be followed.

2. Each volunteer position requires training. The positions for volunteers on monitoring dates are as follows: a) Recorder - You must be able to write clearly and transcribe the data spoken to you accurately despite the usual conversation of visitors around you, b) Trapper - You must have good hand-eye coordination to know when to drop the trap curtain and have the manual dexterity to remove the bird from the trap and place it in a cloth mesh bag without harming it or allowing it to escape, and c) Feeder - On busy days, we also need someone to feed each bird and release it after it has been processed.


You can stay up to date on our upcoming events and banding workshops here, and also by liking us on Facebook!  

2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for HCNs/HMN/HCCRs! We already have some great events planned in Mexico and Arizona, and we hope you'll be able to join us! Please see our 2021 Event Schedule for a list of specific events and dates.



Specialty tools have been designed and are custom-made for hummingbird studies. For those who are permitted to band or handle hummingbirds and would like to order tools, please contact Lee Rogers to place an order for your tools and then pay here when you have received an invoice.



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